Mr Blueberry Bud, an 80% Indica marijuana hybrid with a euphoric and happy effect and with the aroma of red fruits. To create it we have crossed the clone of the original Blueberry with a selection of the mythical Big Bud from Sensi Seeds, in charge of reinforcing its productivity and forcefulness.

Suitable for indoors and outdoors.
Sex: feminized seed.
Genotype: indica dominance.
Indica: 80% Sativa 20%.
Cross: bluberry x big bud
Flavor: blueberries.
Indoor: 60-65 days.
Exterior: early October.
Production: From 500gr - 550gr / m2.

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Among the category of legendary varieties, Blueberry has earned its place on the podium of the greatest. Mr. Hide Seeds® could not ignore this reality. After a long time in search of the authentic clone, we are finally proud to offer our customers this marvel of genetics.

The origin of this beautiful bush takes us to the year 1970, when the American geneticist DJ Short was working with a wide variety of original land races from different countries. However, with the passage of time and decades of cultivation of Blueberry, its genetics have mutated, thanks in large part to DJ Short's work with a wide variety of banks that gave the plant its distinctive touch.

Mr. Blueberry Bud tastes and smells like his name; to blueberries. Its effect, although very relaxing and long-lasting, produces a very pleasant feeling of euphoria.

In addition to being recreational, it is very medicinal and its users are many due to its analgesic and anti-stress properties.

But it also has thousands of fans in love with its unique bluish coloring and high amount of THC. It has a spectacular effect.

As it is already a legend, tables have been made referring to its attributes. According to them, Blueberry is:

Highly relaxing

Provides a heightened sense of happiness

Quite relaxing although not the most narcotic

Elevate the mood

It is an easy-to-grow plant that, outdoors, reaches two and a half meters in height. That is to say, its production is quite high; depending a lot on the way of cultivation. Indoors it can give up to 550 grams per square meter.

It only needs between 8 and 9 weeks to be harvested from the moment it begins its flowering phase.

Mr. Blueberry Bud gives us the best of himself outdoors as his production is high. To obtain a great harvest, it is best to germinate the seeds in the greenhouse and move the seedlings outside after the last frosts of spring have finished.

Use quality soil that is full of nutrients. You will see how your Blueberry takes off. It is interesting to prune them in height to achieve that typical spruce shape and promote the growth of powerful branches and lateral buds. Prune interior branches to prevent fungus growth.

When flowering begins outdoors, always add a layer of bat guano on top of the substrate. You will see how your buds take off.


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Data sheet

Type of crop
Indoor and outdoor
Mainly Indicates
60 a 65 días
500 a 550 gr/m2
Cultivation needs

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