Mr. Original AK is a polyhybrid, the product of crosses between the best sativas from Colombia, Mexico and Thailand with indica landraces from the mountains of the Afghan Hindu Kush.

Variety: Feminized
Indica: 65% Sativa: 35%
Flowering: 50-60 days
Outside: October
Production: 450-500 gr./m2

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Mr. Original AK is already a legend among lovers of good marijuana. This genetics is always present in the lists of the best 5 varieties of cannabis in the world. Mr. Hide Seeds has searched for and found clones of the original plant, the genuine one, in order to offer our customers feminized seeds of this sativa-dominant hybrid whose effects are a delight for the senses.

After years of genetic stabilization we can finally bring you this masterpiece of geneticists, with 65% sativa and 35% indica heritage. It is the only variety in the world that has won awards for the best Sativa and the best Indica.

It is one of the marijuana plants that requires the least care. This makes it the perfect choice for novice growers and a true marvel and production bomb in the hands of expert growers. You just have to emphasize that it does not like to be watered too much. Water when the substrate is dry.

Our Original AK produces an energetic, constant and very long-lasting cerebral high, compatible with your social and creative activity. We can summarize the effect of consuming Original AK with five words: happiness, relaxation, euphoria, energy and creativity.

Original AK is an excellent medical marijuana. Its consumption relieves stress, depression and chronic pain very effectively; especially stress. It is also used to combat insomnia and fatigue. With a few hits you will feel its powerful effect.

It has a strong earthy and woody smell that is very pleasant although difficult to disguise.

Depending on the growing conditions, you can get plants with 22% THC and 1.5% CBD and CBN.

Original AK is a very productive plant. If you grow it indoors, give it only 2 weeks of vegetative growth. When the plant begins to flower it begins to produce resin very quickly and in abundance. So much resin will infuse your grow room with odor. From the month of the flowering phase, spectacular buds are generated. Even the leaves have THC thanks to their high amount of trichomes. You can get around 550-600 grams of dried flowers per square meter.

If you grow it outdoors, keep in mind that it can reach 3 meters in height and produce up to almost 1 kilo of dry buds.

Original AK has one of the hardest stems of the entire cannabis species, making it an easy-care plant.

The flowering phase lasts between 70 and 80 days as it is a predominantly sativa plant.

Data sheet

Type of crop
Indoor and outdoor
Mainly Indicates
50 a 60 días
450 a 500 gr/m2
Cultivation needs

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