Our Mr. Gorilla Cream (Regular) is a highly productive and fast flowering 60% Indica 40% Sativa hybrid. We are talking about a hybrid of Gorilla Glue # 4 marijuana, Big Bud and Cookies & Cream, all of them greatly appreciated for their great psychoactive potency, for their performance and their intense aroma, offering exceptional genetics as a result of their encounter.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor
Sex: regular seed F2.
Genotype: Indica Dominance
Indica: 60% Sativa: 40%
Cross: Gorilla Glue # 4 x Cookies & Cream x Big Bud
Flavor: Vanilla Jet fuel
Indoor: 55-60 days.
Exterior: Early October
Production: 500gr - 600gr / m2

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Our Mr Gorilla Cream (Regular) thrives both indoors and outdoors, taking on a fir-like appearance with a large main tip.

It is a plant with great vigor, which only needs a vegetative growth of 12 days to reach a final size of 1m, branching abundantly and strongly, being advisable to be cautious if we grow it in hydroponics. Planted directly in the ground, it tends to reach up to 2m tall with ease.

During its flowering of 7-8 weeks it is completely filled with aromatic and sticky buds, offering a yield of up to 600g / m2 if we grow it in an indoor closet, and up to 650g / plant planted outdoors.

In addition, it produces so much resin that it is an ideal choice for lovers of cannabis resin extractions, offering rich and aromatic results.

Mr Gorilla Cream (Regular), vanilla aroma, with earthy touches, Diesel and Skunk, which makes it advisable to use a good active carbon filter to go unnoticed and not disturb the neighbors.

Its effect is very strong and psychoactive, both physically and mentally, knocking you out if you overdo it, and inducing a deep and restful sleep that makes it highly recommended for use as medicinal cannabis.

Consumed in moderation, it is narcotic, muscle relaxant and sedative, but it is also happy and euphoric, offering a very pleasant high.

Data sheet

Type of crop
Indoor and outdoor
Mainly Indicates
55 a 60 días
550 a 600 gr/m2
Cultivation needs

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