Suitable for interior and exterior
Gender: autoflowering feminized
Genotype: Indica dominance
Crossing: Black Domina.
Taste: Sweet banana.
Production: From 80gr to 150gr / plant.

60 days since germination

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Our Black Banana Auto is not a plant for all audiences. If you are one of those who likes to put a seed and forget the harvest, it is better to choose another variety of our catalog. This is a Queen. And as such it must be treated. It is a plant with some sensitivity to excess subscriber. It is not very comical, which implies that you should be cautious with the EC that you add to the irrigation water. It starts with small amounts and increases progressively if the plant demands it. Do not fertilize in each irrigation and leach every now and then. And even better: use a pot (better geotextile) of 11 liters and fill it with highly enriched substrate. If you do, our Auto Black Banana is also an excellent candidate for guerrilla farming.

Do you find it unbearable to look at the leaves to see that there are no excesses? If you do this to get an immense plant you think too much, you better indulge in something else. A giant who eats less than the rest of his fellows is a gift. And in return will compensate you with almost 1.50 meters of plant full of exquisite buds.

Their ancestors come from the mountains of Afghanistan crossed with ruderalis. With such a genealogical tree, the result is an essentially indica, narcotic, and even analgesic plant, but at the same time has a particularly vivacious and fun touch. But above all it stands out for its forcefulness and long duration. Probably one of our most powerful genetics.

Its morphology is typical of Christmas fir, with a formidable central stem, full of flowers, and about twenty lateral branches, equally covered with buds. Her appearance is superb and rather reminiscent of a normal feminized than a self. Among other things for its size: prominent and high. But above all, by its enormous production. It is very easy to reach the 150 grams of dried buds if the plant has enough space to develop its root system. A good idea in this sense is the use of radicular stimulant throughout its vegetative phase. In this way, the Auto Black Banana will develop many ciliary roots and, consequently, will eat more and better; But naturally, without being forced into it.

It gives off an acrid smell and something incensed, but with a slight sweet tint that makes it very pleasant. Towards the end of its flowering the smell multiplies but without becoming indiscreet.

It is advisable to let it resemble well during the last week. When it seems that it can be harvested, simply leaving it a few more days, passing some water stress, will cause the plant to double its amount of resin and, therefore, its weight.

We are very proud of this jewel, whose stability and homogeneity we guarantee. We have no doubt that the one who tests it, repeats. That yes: be prudent in its consumption since, as we have said, the effect may be excessive for consumers unaccustomed.

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Type of crop
Indoor and outdoor
Mainly Indicates
más de 75 días
90 a 150 gr/m2
Cultivation needs

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