Indica: 40% Sativa: 60%
Indoor: 9 A 10 weeks
Outdoor: End of October
Production: 500 / 550 M2   CBD 9% THC 9%


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By the Catatumbo river (Colombia) , lost in the rainforest, live one of the most ancient cultures: the Chake tribe. These people use only natural medicine and the shaman is their doctor. All their lives turn around the green world. This way of life is disappearing rapidly due to our “modern” type of living. Little by little the rainforest is dying. Trees are being cut and old traditions are forgotten. In Chakes mother tongue Piaya means shaman. 

In Mr Hide Seeds we want to play homage to this tribe. Therefore we have named Piaya our delicious strain. It is medical, playful and above all, magic. We are proud to offer you one of the best hits from our breeders. It has been a long way to finally get together the concepts of medical and playful use. After years of investigation we finally can ensure our clients “you are about to try something unique”. 

It seems that medical marijuana has only analgesic effect. Medicine and fun could not walk together. And this was true before the CBD RICH family appeared in the cannabis universe. 

Our Piaya originally comes from one of the best sativa genetic: Haze; strain that comes from mixing the best sativa plants of Colombia, México, India and Thailand. But it has been genetically modified in order to obtain a real CBD RICH variety. No need to say a Haze with such a quantity amount of CBD is a different trip and a real pleasure for sybarites.

Do not get cheated. Some banks sell what they call CBD RICH when it is not true. Getting a plant with a high content of CBD is easy. But with both, THC and CBD, is another question. Even though it has the strong and euphoric sativa effect, Piaya gives the serenity and clear mind: a typical sensation of varieties containing an enormous quantity of CBD. 

Say “bye bye” to bad trips. It is absolutely compatible with your daily tasks.Fortunately, and even with the remarkable changes in its genome, it keeps all its organoleptic properties of its ancestors: odor and taste of citric fruits with a clear aftertaste of incense. It will fill up all your senses. Guaranteed!

It is very resistant to all kind of plagues and pathogens. The best option when it comes to guerrilla culture and novel growers.

Piaya has big and snowy buds due to its enormous quantity of trichomes. Good.

Data sheet

Type of crop
Indoor and outdoor
Mainly Sativa
60 a 65 días
500 a 550 gr/m2
Cultivation needs

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